Private Functions

Are you interested in having your own Cocktail Masterclass or Spirits Tasting?

Independent Spirit can host your group’s event in our dedicated tasting room. We host groups from a minimum of 10 people up to 24 per class.

Gin masterclasses start from £24 per person. This includes an evening of Gin history, botanicals and help with your search for the perfect G&T.

Whisky tastings are by far one of our most popular events. we can of course tailor your tasting should there be a preference for say Islay malts, American whiskies, Irish or Japanese, perhaps even a vertical tasting from your favourite distillery.

Whisky, rum, vodka, tequila and a whole range of other spirits tastings start at £24 per person. Premium and superpremium versions of our tastings are of course available to fit your budget.

Cocktail masterclasses (Min group of 10)

Classic cocktail masterclass                £26.95 per person
Greeted by a glass of fizz you and your guests will be shown different methods, styles and types of cocktails. And if that wasn’t enough, everyone gets to make their own! The cocktails are seasonal so but if you have a preference of cocktail please let us know in advance so we may prepare the required ingredients for you.
We can also do specific cocktails based on the following categories:
Gin Cocktails                                               £29.95 per person
Rum Cocktails                                             £29.95 per person
Whisky and Bourbon style cocktails            £32.95 per person

For more information fill out the form below, email on or give us a call on 01225 340636 to discuss your needs.