Douglas Laing

Here at Independent Spirit of Bath we carefully curate the ranges we have in Gin, Craft beer, Rum and Tequila as well as the multitude of unusual spirits, liqueurs and our wines. We have been known to enjoy a craft beer whilst doing the curating as well but that’s part of the job.

Our whisky range is one we are proud of in particular.

In 2017 we were honoured to become a Douglas Laing & Co emporium. What this means is we already sell a lot of their ranges including the remarkable regional malts which you all are big fans of. It also means that we get access to all sorts of delicious whisky including their single casks and special editions. What it also also means is that we get to release our own whisky with them and that’s exactly what we have done.

Launching in November 2017 we have a bottling of a 13 year old grain whisky from Port Dundas being released in partnership with Douglas Laing & Co. From a refill bourbon barrel filled in July 2004, only 126 bottles are available. We are very proud of the bottling as it also is the first time a grain whisky has been bottled with a Douglas Laing emporium.

Port Dundas was built in 1811 and grew to be the largest whisky distillery in its time. Sadly the distillery left us in 2011 never to be rebuilt so our bottling really is a piece of history.


Established in 1948 and celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018, Douglas Laing & Co is one of the few independent family run whisky businesses in Scotland and now into its third generation.

With a range of whisky that represents the best of Scotlands production from all around the isles and mainland they stand by an ethos very close to our own: “To exceed the expectations of our customers and consumers around the world by offering the most special, quality-driven and unique Scotch Whisky experience.”

Remarkable regional malts

The Remarkable Regional Malts are the ultimate distillation of Scotland’s Malt Whisky regions; each bottling embodies the overarching characteristics of the region it is sourced from and is bottled without colouring or chill-filtration. If a Single Malt is a violin, a Blended Malt is an entire orchestra!