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Fancy beer ahoy!

With the bank holiday behind us and payday for most of us coming up this weekend, its time to tempt you with some fancy beer!

Now, as you know, we love Scotland for its whisky but hand on heart we think they are producing some of the best beers in the UK and we have some great stuff just landed for you to get your laughing gear around.

North sea bridges collaborations

A 2 year project pairing 6 Scottish breweries with 6 Scandanavian breweries celebrating the wild north sea and the trading history that links Scotland to Scandanavia over it. Sets are £33.95 and we only have a limited amount of the beer sets FYI.

Fierce / To Øl – Blood of Nidhoggr

A black sour with raspberries and oak.

6 Degrees North / Amundsen – Amundsix

A dry hopped sour with tons of new world hops, oats and rye.

Black Isle / Dry & Bitter – Flame Out

A big ol’ DIPA with tons of body thanks to the generous amount of hops and oats.

Pilot / Dugges – Tropisk

A tart dry hopped pale ale cool fermented with saison yeast and virtually no bittering hops to let the pineapple and grapefruit notes come out to play.

Fyne Ales / Rocket Brewing – Cowberry Heart

A Lingonberry (AKA cowberry) red rye IPA with lots of new world hops.

Fallen / Beerbliotek – Tap Saff

A very fresh and vibrant saffron & spruce DIPA



We have 3 very exciting beers from Pilot brewery in Leith in Edinburgh. A set of 3 experimental imperial saisons designed to be shared* in 75cl bottles. They are priced at £9.95 but we only have 12 of each so get your skates on.

*you are an adult, sharing is caring but if you dont want to then fine, but drink responsibly and all that jazz.

Buzz – Honey imperial saison with lemon juice 11.4%

Blanc – White grape imperial saison. Classic farmhousey notes with hints of citrus grape and pear. (Vegan) 10.1%

Blush – Red grape imperial saison. Farmhouse saison notes with red fruit and a decent bite with minimal hop addition. (Vegan) 10.3%


We have been teasing news for the last few days and we have a milestone we want to share with everyone.

On Tuesday 14th of August Independent spirit of Bath will be 2000 days old! That’s a lot of days. We never had an opening party, nor a party for 1,2,3,4 or 5 years old but we wanted to do something to mark the occasion and say thank you to the fine people of Bath for helping us stay sane, entertained and just ever so tipsy. 2000 days is lovely round number don’t you think?

We have some £50 gift vouchers and maybe even a £100 to give away tomorrow as well, conveniently around the time people finish work (4PM to 7.30PM) because we are sensible like that. You just need to find us. A member of the incredibly handsome indie sprit team will be somewhere in the city with a gift voucher for the shop and we will announce where they are on our social media feeds, then we do it again and again. First person to get there and say happy anniversary to them wins! (Only one voucher can be won by each person, over 18 only, redeemable from Wednesday 15th.)

Now, how can we make this better and say thank you to the customers who have supported us these 5.478452 years. Well…..

All day on Tuesday 14th of August 2018 if you come into the shop and wish us a “Happy anniversary” we will discount 10% off anything you buy* (*excluding cigars, sorry) So If you’ve been hankering after one of those tasting looking Lambics, or fancy treating yourself to that bottle of whisky you’ve been eyeing up on the shelf, or even just a few cheeky beers for the evening that’s the day!

Being a small business can be hard work, long hours and notoriously difficult, so on behalf of the team here, all three of us, a genuine thank you for supporting us over the years.

FYI looking forward there will be another whisky bottling for xmas, a new beer project coming very soon with Sally Lunns and this time next year we will be getting ready for our own single cask bottling from the Kilchoman distillery. Yes, that Kilchoman distillery on Islay and its only one of four single cask private releases allowed each year and we have one. Oh and if your about on Saturday we are bringing down Craig Laurie from Lawman brewery in Scotland for a fancy little tap takeover soiree in Chapter one on London road.

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Lagavulin Feis ile 2018 Charity Raffle

We have a very special bottle of whisky, one you could possibly win in our chaity raffle which we are running until the 30th of July. The whisky is one of only 6000 bottles of this year’s 18yr old Lagavulin feis ile release. The Feis ile is a yearly festival on Islay in which each of the distilleries release a unique bottling of their own whisky to the whisky fans who travel from across the world to this tiny island off the coast of Scotland.

Bottled at cask strength of 53.9% and matured in a combination of Refill American Oak Hogshead, American Oak Hogshead and ex sherry bodega European oak butts, This is bottle number #369. This is a very special bottling, ever year when the Feis Ile bottles are released there is so much demand that we usually find these instantly resold on auction sites, but you might want to drink this one because its amazing.

Why has Chris put one of his own personal whisky bottles up for this we hear you ask? In memory of Amy Mattingly, @amerz, who passed away recently and t o support #TeamAmy and continue raising money for bowel cancer UK. If you want to know more or perhaps donate to one of the other worthy fundraising attempts go see our friends at Blubolt UK here

Tickets will be sold at £2.50 each or in strips of 5 for £10 both available in the shop or on our paypal link below.
The raffle will run in the shop between today Thursday 12/7/18 and midnight on Monday July 30th with the draw taking place on Tuesday July 31st and announced on our social media channels.
Due to legal and shipping restrictions you need to be over 18 to enter and ID will be requested before shipping the whisky to the winner. Unfortunately for logistical and shipping issues this is only open to UK residents

For paypal tickets we are only able to sell these in strips of 5 for logistical reasons so please make your donation for £10 or multiples thereof. Please follow the link below, select friends so we get the full amount to donate and please put your phone number/email address in the comments, so we can inform you of your ticket numbers for the draw. We will not hold onto your details or use your contact for anything other than contacting you about the draw. If you paypal for tickets out of shop hours we will send your confirmation of tickets the next day for you.

Thank you all for taking part and sharing this as it’s a cause that means a lot to us. Good luck for the draw and we hope you can help us and Blubolt raise a lot of money for this great charity.
Chris Scullion
Independent spirit of Bath #TeamAmy

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Non-Alcoholic Beer, Really?

Dry January, It’s a thing now, a full month of not drinking for those of us who have over indulged during the festive season, driven by the urge to get healthy during a slow and monotonous month. It’s crap isn’t it.

But thankfully the recent rise in craft beer has meant that for those of us who actually enjoy beer, no and low alcohol beers can actually taste, well, good. Long gone are the days of sitting in the pub staring sadly at a Kalaber wondering what life has come to if even the pleasure of taste has been taken away.


  • It’s worth noting at this point that some countries count 0.5% or lower as a non-alcoholic beer, we, being the practical and sensible people that we are, do not, but (and yes i did the maths) each 330ml bottle of 0.5% beer contains a maximum of 0.165 of a unit. Meaning you would need to drink 17 bottles to hit the same amount of alcohol in one pint of 5% beer, which is neither a challenge nor an achievement.


So, what are these fabled beverages of joy?

Big Drop

Big Drop are a brewery which exclusively produces super low ABV beers, and by low we mean 0.5% or lower, these aren’t the alcohol / flavor / enjoyment removed beers of the past, these are brewed specifically this low, and at no detriment to the beers themselves. With heavy involvement of Johnny Clayton previously of wild beer fame they are most definitely a treat.

With a current range of four beers including a stout and pale, both of which won awards at the world beer awards 2017, they are worth having a look at, even if you’re still on the booze.


The ever infamous craft beer producer Mikkeller have also seen room for improvement with their current offerings:

ENERGIBAJER which is an alcohol free wheat ale, notes of peaches and apricots with a slightly herbal edge and coming in at 0% you really can’t complain

Not to be let out of the super low category to Drink’in in the sun comes in at a whopping 0.3% and has lemony, herbal notes and a nice floral edge.


But what about when you you’ve finally had enough and it’s time to dive from the proverbial wagon, is it the best idea to go for that 9% DDH NEDIPA hop monstrosity? Probably worth working back up to.


Keeping with the theme of Mikkeller Drink’in Berliner Passion is fruity, tart, citrusy and, most importantly for us 2.7%. Cracking.

Or how about Moor’s 3.5% dead punk all dayer, Tropical, fruity, Juicy and made in the centre of bristol. Local is, afterall, king.

So there we have it,just a snapshot of the world of no / low alcohol beers, full of flavour and fun, makes you wonder what all that dry january fuss was about in the first place right?


Written by That Booze Guy

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Events Events Events

Here at indie spirit we’re like, really smart, so smart in fact, that we thought we’d give you something to look forward to. Allow us to set the scene; the sky is grey and nights are chilly, having woken up on the first of January hangover free, because you are a responsible adult, you’ve decided to buck the trend and see what  the beautiful, bountiful year that is 2018 can do for you. Eagerly you check your favourite local booze shop to see if there’re any events to distract you from your co-workers bad chat about gyms, salads and clean living.



A short run down of the current upcoming events:

Tryanuary Beer Sensory Evaluation Masterclass – 20th Jan


Spend an afternoon with a certified Cicerone trying some great beers, and then some terrible ones. Learn about Diacetyl, Lightstruck, Metallic and more. And for only £15 cheaper than the pub. Only a few tickets remain so book quickly


Burns Night Whisky Tasting part one – 25th Jan

Join us in celebrating the life of the Bard himself with an evening for tasting whiskies but distinctly lacking in haggis and kilts. This night you will have the pleasure of a familiar, slightly less disgruntled, face doing your tasting, with the shop manager Laurence taking the lead. At the time of writing there are only a few tickets left so book now or forever hold your peace.


Burns Night Tasting Part two – Revenge of the Burns – 26th Jan

Like the first one, but with more explosions and hosted by the oh so chatty Chris Scullion. Unfortunately at the time of writing this event is already sold out.


New Be-Gin-nings – 2nd Feb

Placed conveniently on the first Friday after dry January this is a cheeky round up of our favourite Gins from the winter season, and maybe a few new ones too, this tasting of the oh-so hip spirit is always popular


Talking Turkey – 6th April

A Wild Turkey Bourbon tasting headed by none other than Sam Kershaw Wild Turkey UK’s brand ambassador and, according to one young lady, the maker of “the best gibson I’ve had in my life”. It’s sure to be a hoot (or a gobble). Expect chat about mashbills and new American oak in between drinking great whiskies.

Spring Whisky Tasting – 13th April

Timed just after a large chunk of new releases comes out this promises to be one of the more delicious this year, expect fresh lively drams juxtaposed to some heavier, meatier whiskies. And with it being the birthday of Ron Perlman we had to do something special…


May (Contain) Gin Tasting – 4th May

An event created for two reasons:

One – to try some of the best gins coming out just in time for summer and prime gin drinking season.

Two – To continue to pursue terrible drink based puns.

But in all seriousness with the fast moving world of Gin as it stands, almost a necessity.


What a perfectly formed series of events, and with more to be added throughout the next couple of months it’s looking distinctly like it’s going to be a great 2018 afterall.


Written by That Booze Guy for Indie Spirit Bath


Santa’s list Part Two

Wellity, wellity, wellity..  So its the 19th of December and you have done very little of your Christmas shopping (again).

Never fear however, the Indie spirit team are here to make this last minute panic seem much more organised than it actually is. Whisky, gin, rum, craft beer and everything else in between, we have it all. FYI, feel free to leave this screen up and open so the hint can be dropped should anything tickle your fancy as well. Now onwards into the breach of #NewStuff.

Willett Family Estate Bottled Small Batch Rye

Try saying that 3 times fast.

Deciding to resume whiskey production on the family estate in the early 2010’s this is quite a rarity. Willett are very well known for their other products such as Rowans creek and Noah’s mill. Welcoming this very limited release to the family it is the first 100% produced whiskey from the estate made from a 51% rye mashbill and a much higher and spicier 74% rye mashbill. A perfect present for the rye lover in your family as we really do not have a lot and when its gone, its gone, and you will have to wait till next years release.


53.7% 70cl

Phantom spirits

Rum + Beer = Deliciousness

Ever wonder what happens to the casks after the likes of Mikkeller and Warpigs age their very fancy beers in them? Well, turns out Phantom spirits take them and put rum in them and we have some.

Warpigs smouldering holes – Jack Daniels cask

A 10yo Trinidad Rum with only 600 Numbered bottles worldwide. The rum is first aged in Ex-Bourbon Barrels in Trinidad before being finished in ex jack daniels casks that previously held one of the most famous Impy stouts in the world (99% on ratebeer).  Warpigs Brewpub Smoldering holes was a mikkeller and 3 Floyds collab so you can see where we are going with this. Rich and full bodied with hints of cherry, vanilla and spice.


45%  50cl

Beer geek vanilla milk shake cask

A 4yo Guatamalan rum with only 2000btls existing. Aged in former American bourbon barrels before its second maturation in a Mikkeller beer geek vanilla milk shake (100% on ratebeer) barrel. It tastes of those little milk bottle sweets plus rich molasses and caramel. Its amazing


45%  50cl


Santa’s list Part One

T’was the night before christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring,

because the inlaws had been at the advocaat again and no-one was stupid enough to wake them up.

I digress..

It’s that time of year again, where stockings are hung by the chimney by care, someone from accounts/HR/Management has a little too much wine at the xmas party and Indie Spirit makes your xmas shopping as painless and easy as possibly by showcasing their wares and reminding you that we are your somethingth emergency service.

So, without further ado, here’s some fancy things you may want for xmas this year. Remember of course if you see something on twitter, facebook or instagram that you would like put away for someones perfect present you can message us and we will make to keep you one so no-one is disappointed with socks this year.

The Tweeddale

We may have noticed how fond of Raasay and Borders we are and quite rightly so.

In 1895 a young Richard Day walked into a licenced grocers at No1 Duke Street in the Borders town of Coldstream to begin his first day as an office boy at J&A Davidson. Richard Day took over his employer’s business in 1923, having mastered the art of blending, and so began the family whisky tradition that lives on in R&B.

Richards cellar book became the cornerstone to the families blending skills and later, with all its blended whisky recipes, passed into the capable hands of R&B’s Alasdair Day, his great grandson. After a 70 year gap the Tweeddale was recreated.

We have 2 very special whiskies available.

The Tweeddale: A Silent Character

R&B Distillers studied Alasdair’s Great Grandfather’s recipes to create The Tweeddale A Silent Character. They discovered that Single Grain from Cambus Distillery was the whisky most consistently used in blending during the early 1900s and had been favoured by Richard Day.  Cambus distillery is now silent, hence the name, having stopped whisky production in 1993.

This 27-year-old Single Grain Scotch Whisky is a vatting of two ex-bourbon casks:

Nose: Fresh oaky, with peach pastries, lemon and lime, followed by a honey, toffee. A sweet and rich nose.

Palate: Hints of pear, mixed in with a spicy cognac.

Finish: slight grassy and a mineral structure.

Limited edition with 564 bottles available worldwide.


The Tweeddale: The Evolution

The oldest Tweeddale whisky to date, a blend of classic Speyside single malts and a Lowland single grain, with the youngest component whisky being 28 years old.

Going back to Richard Day’s cellar book R&B Distillers have managed to take the recipes contained within to the next step. Evaluation of the stocks available they have created an evolved blend that would have been one of the pinnacles of Richards work had blending continued after WWII. Rich, full bodied and very smooth it is a whisky to showcase at the heart of any malt aficionados collection.

Nose: Juicy Blackcurrant, creamy waxy notes, cherries and plums. A lemon icing note. On a second nosing, freshly baked pastries, and a hint of honey.

Palate: Big, full, juicy front palate. Christmas cake notes, blackcurrant and pear (almost glühwein-like fruity, sweetness) and a dash of orange zest.

Finish: Slight hint of American oak sharpening and structuring the finish. Touch of milk chocolate too.



Our very first single cask grain whisky

In 2017 we were honoured to become a Douglas Laing & Co emporium. What this means is we already sell a lot of their ranges including the remarkable regional malts which you all are big fans of. It also means that we get access to all sorts of delicious whisky including their single casks and special editions. What it also also means is that we get to release our own whisky with them and that’s exactly what we have done.

We are releasing as of today a 13 year old grain whisky from Port Dundas, a whisky distillery from the heart of Glasgow. Sadly the distillery was demolished in 2011 never to be rebuilt so our bottling really is a piece of history.We are very proud of the bottling as it also is the first time a grain whisky has been bottled with a Douglas Laing emporium.

Only 126 bottles are available of this single cask single grain. For those who are unaware, single grain whisky uses grain other than malted barley, such as maize, distilled in a column still to produce a lighter spirit than single malt. The barrel does the hard work and we are proud to say we have found a spectacular barrel which we have bottled and you can only get from us this Christmas.

Bottled at 48.4%, notes of strawberry, vanilla, creme brulee, ginger and soft christmas spices.



Onwards and upwards

33 Days to go

Yup, tis the season and all that. As per usual we will see most of you after the annual wendy house fiesta here in the center of town. However should you brave the festive crowds rest assured Indie spirit is here to keep you topped up with mulled cider from Krow at honey midfords as well as making your shopping experience as painless as possible.

There will be a lot of #Newstuff over the next few weeks  on our facebook, twitter and instagram. lets face it some of this will go quick, we can hold stock for you for a week or so if you get in touch with us via DM, message or phone so please do let us know if we can help in any way.

Likewise, if you are after something in particular we may not actually have it in but certainly can look at getting it in for you so feel free to drop us an email if you have a specific Christmas request for craft beer, gin, whisky etc. If your wondering about opening hours they will match the market.


Now the bad news

In February we will have reached the grand old milestone of 5 years old. A mighty fine feat in this economic climate and for an independent in Bath. After an unprecedented amount of supplier prices rises this year and another budget coming we have had to make a few changes in how we run things. Where we can we have absorbed some of the more infrequent supplier increases to remain competitive and been smarter with our sourcing etc… which has meant some lines just weren’t worth permanently stocking anymore.

The only main difference is that for 2018 we will be increasing the price of our scheduled and bookable events by £5. A normal whisky/gin/rum etc.. tasting on a friday night will now be £25 instead of £20 and Uber tastings will increase by £5 too, to a new price of £40. We believe this still represents one of the best value for money nights out in Bath and we hope you agree.

With this in mind you will find our new events for the start of the year posted over on our facebook page and right here on our website. Shameless plug of course, gift vouchers are available for our events too. The recipient only has to choose an event and get in touch to book on – simples.

Anyway, batten down the hatches and have a delicious craft beer, its Christmas market time and we will see you on the flipside.

Chris, Christian and Laurie



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Christmas Beers!

It truly is a wonderful time of year isn’t it, that magical time of transition between seasons when our everyday drinking habits turn from ten different subgenres of craft IPA’s to ten different subgenres of dark beers, and the booziest, spiciest, most satisfying of these raisin and chocolate inspired creations are christmas beers (or at least beers that are best drunk at christmas).

So what do the elves, or at least a grumpy looking three, not so wise looking, men surrounded by sheds, have in store for you this year to keep you warm in front of the “fireplace 4K” on netflix? (it’s real, seriously, go check.)


Moor – Old freddy walker.

If you’ve never been equated with bristols very own old ale then you are missing out, rich and viscous this tastes like christmas pudding, raisins and just a hint of cocoa this beast of a beer will warm your insides in the most pleasant of ways.

Wiper and True – Plum pudding porter

A cheeky fruit number from Wiper and True, how do they describe it? “Onto the deep, dark malt base we’ve added dried fruit, cinnamon and lemon zest. The resulting brew combines caramelised sugar and dark fruit flavours with a toasted finish.” and they’re not wrong, fruity and rich it reminds you that you do, actually, really enjoy dark beers.

Delirium Noel

Coming in at a punchy 10% ABV this spiced versions of delirium Noel is a lovely example of the belgian style of christmas beers, Slightly sweeter with notes of candied orange, caramel, malt and spiced fruits this world-famous beer is sure to have you singing carols eventually, whether you want to or not.

And now for something completely different

Tiny Rebel – You Snows It

A beer that is, apparently, as crisp and fresh as the first snow on christmas morning. Brewed in collaboration with goldie lookin chain this beer is that tropical fruit forward beer that is sessionable enough to get you through the office christmas party. Or according to them an “easy drinking beer with lots of aroma and just a little bit of bitterness. Just like that uncle that always seems to ruin your Christmas dinner.” – classy.

So there we have it, a lovely selection of beers to keep you fuzzy on the long cold nights, but don’t despair if you didn’t see your favorite here, we will be stocking the likes of To-Ol – Santastique, St. Bernadus – Noel, Lervig – Christmas Shake and Kees – Bourbon barrel aged caramel fudge stout, and we constantly rotate our selection so there will be plenty to keep you entertained.


Written by @thatboozeguy for @indiespiritbath