We have been teasing news for the last few days and we have a milestone we want to share with everyone.

On Tuesday 14th of August Independent spirit of Bath will be 2000 days old! That’s a lot of days. We never had an opening party, nor a party for 1,2,3,4 or 5 years old but we wanted to do something to mark the occasion and say thank you to the fine people of Bath for helping us stay sane, entertained and just ever so tipsy. 2000 days is lovely round number don’t you think?

We have some £50 gift vouchers and maybe even a £100 to give away tomorrow as well, conveniently around the time people finish work (4PM to 7.30PM) because we are sensible like that. You just need to find us. A member of the incredibly handsome indie sprit team will be somewhere in the city with a gift voucher for the shop and we will announce where they are on our social media feeds, then we do it again and again. First person to get there and say happy anniversary to them wins! (Only one voucher can be won by each person, over 18 only, redeemable from Wednesday 15th.)

Now, how can we make this better and say thank you to the customers who have supported us these 5.478452 years. Well…..

All day on Tuesday 14th of August 2018 if you come into the shop and wish us a “Happy anniversary” we will discount 10% off anything you buy* (*excluding cigars, sorry) So If you’ve been hankering after one of those tasting looking Lambics, or fancy treating yourself to that bottle of whisky you’ve been eyeing up on the shelf, or even just a few cheeky beers for the evening that’s the day!

Being a small business can be hard work, long hours and notoriously difficult, so on behalf of the team here, all three of us, a genuine thank you for supporting us over the years.

FYI looking forward there will be another whisky bottling for xmas, a new beer project coming very soon with Sally Lunns and this time next year we will be getting ready for our own single cask bottling from the Kilchoman distillery. Yes, that Kilchoman distillery on Islay and its only one of four single cask private releases allowed each year and we have one. Oh and if your about on Saturday we are bringing down Craig Laurie from Lawman brewery in Scotland for a fancy little tap takeover soiree in Chapter one on London road.