Santa’s list Part Two

Wellity, wellity, wellity..  So its the 19th of December and you have done very little of your Christmas shopping (again).

Never fear however, the Indie spirit team are here to make this last minute panic seem much more organised than it actually is. Whisky, gin, rum, craft beer and everything else in between, we have it all. FYI, feel free to leave this screen up and open so the hint can be dropped should anything tickle your fancy as well. Now onwards into the breach of #NewStuff.

Willett Family Estate Bottled Small Batch Rye

Try saying that 3 times fast.

Deciding to resume whiskey production on the family estate in the early 2010’s this is quite a rarity. Willett are very well known for their other products such as Rowans creek and Noah’s mill. Welcoming this very limited release to the family it is the first 100% produced whiskey from the estate made from a 51% rye mashbill and a much higher and spicier 74% rye mashbill. A perfect present for the rye lover in your family as we really do not have a lot and when its gone, its gone, and you will have to wait till next years release.


53.7% 70cl

Phantom spirits

Rum + Beer = Deliciousness

Ever wonder what happens to the casks after the likes of Mikkeller and Warpigs age their very fancy beers in them? Well, turns out Phantom spirits take them and put rum in them and we have some.

Warpigs smouldering holes – Jack Daniels cask

A 10yo Trinidad Rum with only 600 Numbered bottles worldwide. The rum is first aged in Ex-Bourbon Barrels in Trinidad before being finished in ex jack daniels casks that previously held one of the most famous Impy stouts in the world (99% on ratebeer).  Warpigs Brewpub Smoldering holes was a mikkeller and 3 Floyds collab so you can see where we are going with this. Rich and full bodied with hints of cherry, vanilla and spice.


45%  50cl

Beer geek vanilla milk shake cask

A 4yo Guatamalan rum with only 2000btls existing. Aged in former American bourbon barrels before its second maturation in a Mikkeller beer geek vanilla milk shake (100% on ratebeer) barrel. It tastes of those little milk bottle sweets plus rich molasses and caramel. Its amazing


45%  50cl

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