Onwards and upwards

33 Days to go

Yup, tis the season and all that. As per usual we will see most of you after the annual wendy house fiesta here in the center of town. However should you brave the festive crowds rest assured Indie spirit is here to keep you topped up with mulled cider from Krow at honey midfords as well as making your shopping experience as painless as possible.

There will be a lot of #Newstuff over the next few weeks  on our facebook, twitter and instagram. lets face it some of this will go quick, we can hold stock for you for a week or so if you get in touch with us via DM, message or phone so please do let us know if we can help in any way.

Likewise, if you are after something in particular we may not actually have it in but certainly can look at getting it in for you so feel free to drop us an email if you have a specific Christmas request for craft beer, gin, whisky etc. If your wondering about opening hours they will match the market.


Now the bad news

In February we will have reached the grand old milestone of 5 years old. A mighty fine feat in this economic climate and for an independent in Bath. After an unprecedented amount of supplier prices rises this year and another budget coming we have had to make a few changes in how we run things. Where we can we have absorbed some of the more infrequent supplier increases to remain competitive and been smarter with our sourcing etc… which has meant some lines just weren’t worth permanently stocking anymore.

The only main difference is that for 2018 we will be increasing the price of our scheduled and bookable events by £5. A normal whisky/gin/rum etc.. tasting on a friday night will now be £25 instead of £20 and Uber tastings will increase by £5 too, to a new price of £40. We believe this still represents one of the best value for money nights out in Bath and we hope you agree.

With this in mind you will find our new events for the start of the year posted over on our facebook page and right here on our website. Shameless plug of course, gift vouchers are available for our events too. The recipient only has to choose an event and get in touch to book on – simples.

Anyway, batten down the hatches and have a delicious craft beer, its Christmas market time and we will see you on the flipside.

Chris, Christian and Laurie



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