Irish Whiskey Tasting

Ireland! One of our closest neighbors and known for its rich cultural heritage, great craic, and being a nuclear superpower. Well it would be if it wasn’t for things like Irish whisky tastings.

With St Patricks day falling this weekend its a fantastic excuse to try one of their most famous exports, Irish whiskey. The Irish whiskey scene has gone from strength to strength the past two years and now we get to reap the rewards with all sorts of fantastic malts and pot still whiskies appearing.

The breakdown: 6:30pm start on Friday 15th March at the shop, £25 a ticket, available from the shop or on 01225 340636.

Winter Gin Tasting

With the end of Autumn squarely upon us it is time to start looking at the final gin releases of the year, some with warming, winter spice, some harking back to the long, uncomfortably hot, summer we just had the pleasure of sweating through.

So join us on Friday 26th of October at 6.30 to treat yourself away from the, very probably, wind, rain and soggy leaves blowing into your face.

As always tickets are £25 and available from the shop or on 01225 340636. Gin tastings do fill up quite quickly so don’t say we didn’t warn you.