Winter Gin Tasting

Come one, come all to our our winter gin tasting, our first gin tasting of the year. By now you should have hibernated away your xmas dinner and be ready to start your new gin based 2020 lifestyle.

The line up will be as usual, 5 cracking new gins and a whole array of garnishes and tonics to help you get the most out of your new gins.

Tickets are as always £25 and available at the shop. The event will be downstairs in our tasting room. Should you find yourself unable to go please do give us as much notice as humanly possible as it gives us a chance to allow someone on the waiting list to attend. No shows sadly are becoming a big problem for us and we appreciate your support.

Gin Blending Class

A new type of event for us here at Indie spirit towers. Yes that’s right, blend your own gin.
The Gin Blending Experience starts with an exploratory tasting session of different styles of gin followed by an exciting and interactive look into the individual components of the gin.
Having educated your palate to your individual taste & aroma preferences, guests are then given the opportunity to create, blend and package their very own 200ml bottle of Gin to take home and keep (drink, we mean drink).
Tickets for this event are £35 and can be booked at the shop or over the phone on 01225 340636.

Summer Gin Tasting

Its a new season and that means lots of new gins coming to us that we can fire onto our summer gin tasting for your imbibing please.
Come join us in the shop for a line up of some fresh and funky new gins we want to share with you. Lots of botanicals to pair for garnishes and as always a selection of tonics that will shake your gin world to the core. Or be tasty, one or the other.
As always tickets are £25 and available from the shop or on 01225340636. Give us a call and we will see you at 6.30pm at the shop on the 31st of May.

Winter Gin Tasting

With the end of Autumn squarely upon us it is time to start looking at the final gin releases of the year, some with warming, winter spice, some harking back to the long, uncomfortably hot, summer we just had the pleasure of sweating through.

So join us on Friday 26th of October at 6.30 to treat yourself away from the, very probably, wind, rain and soggy leaves blowing into your face.

As always tickets are £25 and available from the shop or on 01225 340636. Gin tastings do fill up quite quickly so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Events Events Events

Here at indie spirit we’re like, really smart, so smart in fact, that we thought we’d give you something to look forward to. Allow us to set the scene; the sky is grey and nights are chilly, having woken up on the first of January hangover free, because you are a responsible adult, you’ve decided to buck the trend and see what  the beautiful, bountiful year that is 2018 can do for you. Eagerly you check your favourite local booze shop to see if there’re any events to distract you from your co-workers bad chat about gyms, salads and clean living.



A short run down of the current upcoming events:

Tryanuary Beer Sensory Evaluation Masterclass – 20th Jan


Spend an afternoon with a certified Cicerone trying some great beers, and then some terrible ones. Learn about Diacetyl, Lightstruck, Metallic and more. And for only £15 cheaper than the pub. Only a few tickets remain so book quickly


Burns Night Whisky Tasting part one – 25th Jan

Join us in celebrating the life of the Bard himself with an evening for tasting whiskies but distinctly lacking in haggis and kilts. This night you will have the pleasure of a familiar, slightly less disgruntled, face doing your tasting, with the shop manager Laurence taking the lead. At the time of writing there are only a few tickets left so book now or forever hold your peace.


Burns Night Tasting Part two – Revenge of the Burns – 26th Jan

Like the first one, but with more explosions and hosted by the oh so chatty Chris Scullion. Unfortunately at the time of writing this event is already sold out.


New Be-Gin-nings – 2nd Feb

Placed conveniently on the first Friday after dry January this is a cheeky round up of our favourite Gins from the winter season, and maybe a few new ones too, this tasting of the oh-so hip spirit is always popular


Talking Turkey – 6th April

A Wild Turkey Bourbon tasting headed by none other than Sam Kershaw Wild Turkey UK’s brand ambassador and, according to one young lady, the maker of “the best gibson I’ve had in my life”. It’s sure to be a hoot (or a gobble). Expect chat about mashbills and new American oak in between drinking great whiskies.

Spring Whisky Tasting – 13th April

Timed just after a large chunk of new releases comes out this promises to be one of the more delicious this year, expect fresh lively drams juxtaposed to some heavier, meatier whiskies. And with it being the birthday of Ron Perlman we had to do something special…


May (Contain) Gin Tasting – 4th May

An event created for two reasons:

One – to try some of the best gins coming out just in time for summer and prime gin drinking season.

Two – To continue to pursue terrible drink based puns.

But in all seriousness with the fast moving world of Gin as it stands, almost a necessity.


What a perfectly formed series of events, and with more to be added throughout the next couple of months it’s looking distinctly like it’s going to be a great 2018 afterall.


Written by That Booze Guy for Indie Spirit Bath

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Pickering’s Gin Baubles

It’s nearly here.

The dreaded time of year when everyone’s happy and having a great time. When we deck our houses and homes out with garish decorations hoarded and handed down by various family members. The time of year when an argument between two children about whether a star or an angel should adorn the top of a tree, despite the fact they only one of them can actually spell the word angel correctly with any sort of accuracy, seems somehow reasonable.

But fear not parents whose sobriety is starting to become an issue, Pickerings gin and by the will of the booze gods, indie spirit, have you covered.

Gin Baubles.

No, seriously.

Look at them, they’re beautiful.

Hand picked during the summer months these six little balls of joy, which are often found sitting in the higher braches of the tree, far away from tiny hands which may disturb their boozy secret. Now they have ripened into the plumpest, most colourful gin-filled Christmas decorations you can imagine, with each one holding 50Ml of Pickering’s gin, bursting with notes of citrus and spice with a lovely herbal edge these baubles are something to behold.



Be quick, these shots of instant christmas cheer will sell out fast. In fact pickerings sold out on their website in 82 seconds last year, so don’t dawdle lest you risk missing out. A box of these delectable delights (well what’s left of our stock) is only £31.95 per box, and you were due a visit to the shop anyway right?


Written by @thatBoozeGuy For @indiespiritbath